Borgo Le Colline - the philosophy of our vacation retreat


Our place

Borgo Le Colline is situated in the Chianti hills, the heart of Tuscany, with a unique geographic location in the middle of romantic nature, at the same time in proximity of some of the most beautiful cultural Tuscan sights.

The property with its surrounding land extends over 10 hectares including a future vineyard, small natural lake and a restaurant. Adding the restaurant, which will open for the 2019 season, as well as developing the agricultural part represents a key current and future element of Borgo Le Colline’s philosophy: a vacation retreat in the middle of a nature park, offering natural, local culinary farming products, its own olive oil and wines.

All based on a eco cultural balance and biological way of life. The owners of Borgo Le Colline accept the challenge to offset the ever expanding industrialization in all areas of life in maintaining the quality and respect for our land.

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Our viticultural journey

Starting our own natural wine production, planting a vineyard in the spring 2019, is part of the ongoing expanding initiatives in order to explore further our brand Borgo Le Colline and pursue our philosophy in life and agriculture. Last year we decided to have some of the most valid recent wines produced by a local cellar, creating 3 labels which, in our opinion, represent best our area’s characteristics of climate and flavor.

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Our History

In 2010 Cristiano Morelli, Gabriella Giugni and Giuseppe Giugni founded together Borgo Le Colline: an enchanting place, strategically placed along the Via Volterrana a historical landmark road that reaches from Florence to Volterra.

Borgo Le Colline is part of a vast land that totals 160 hectares which was originally acquired by Cristiano’s grandfather in the 1950’s. It includes the historical residence ‘Villa la Sciolta’ where Cristiano and Gabriella have raised their family for over 20 years and run their agricultural company as a vacation destination.

In 2017 with the entering of a friend and new partner, Michael Blank, the decision was taken to increase Borgo Le Colline’s land and activity. Combining a quality of life philosophy with the desire to offer guests a unique tuscan experience lead to develop a natural concept of lodging, gastronomy, wine, olive oil and products.

Today BLC Srl is run by us, 4 partners with a diverse background including long standing experiences in the textile/fashion, agriculture and tourist industry.

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